Cave Paint

With roots in Philadelphia, Cave Paint began in a haze of late night basement jams. Through various location and member changes, Cave Paint found themselves back in Central PA, serious, instrumental, and as an eclectic trio. From cacophonous clouds of angst, to beautiful and vulnerable, exposed melodies, Cave Paint consistently delivers a unique performance and addresses the dizzying range of complex human emotions. All without singing a word. 

Rising up from the depths of South Philly, MAN LIKE MACHINE was forged in the furnace of blood, concrete, and existential wanderlust. Bonded in brothership and unified through the shared distaste of normalcy, MLM skates through life with a playfulness of social commentary by exploring human nature and digesting the complacency found in the masses. 3X3 is the debut release on Seventh Wave Records and positions MLM as a driving force behind the angst and aggression against the unequal power imbalances evident in society.



Paradrei is an alternative, grunge band known for their raw storytelling and visceral performance.The Lancaster based trio's full length debut “Deep | Alive” is a vivid and emotional embrace of the anger, sadness, and uncertainty  that come with depression and anxiety. Paradrei unapologetically brings everything to the table from heavy grooves to complex dynamics. The band’s tonal homebase being slightly off centered from “perfection” creates this growing underlying tension that is characteristic of their explosive sound.

14 S. Chestnut St. Palmyra, PA. USA

‪(717) 473-0397